If it’s December, it’s Peking Duck

The trend began in Portland, where Gregory Gourdet perfected Departure’s Peking Duck. The Peking Duck is only offered during the month of December and, due to its popularity, had to make a debut appearance at Departure Denver as well! Being a new restaurant in Cherry Creek, this was the first year that it was offered at the Denver location and wow, does Denver love the Peking Duck! At $96, it easily serves 2-4 guests per duck, but let’s be honest: there’s rarely any leftovers! A traditional Chinese dish, the Peking Duck is prized for its thin, crisp skin. Departure serves it with mandarin pancakes (fresh out of the steamer, of course) and cucumbers, sliced scallions and pickled kumquats along with the housemade plum and Hoisin sauce. While enjoying the duck, Departure’s chef then takes the duck trimmings to create the last surprise of the meal: Duck Fried Rice.

Executive Chef Khamla commented “This year has been amazing and the Peking Duck is definitely a new hit in Denver. We are in line to sell more ducks than Portland did during December 2015, at which point they had been open for 5 years. What is so neat about the duck is its ability to bring the kitchen together and work as a team from start to finish. Every section of the kitchen including prep, butcher, fry, sauté, etc. has played a part in the preparation of the duck in some way. We already have a very cohesive team and sense of collaboration, but this has brought us to a new level – one which I am extremely proud of!”